The End of Yahoo Search

Having waited months for the final OK, Yahoo's search platform is now officially powered by Bing. Testing of the integration was ongoing for the last several months and search users saw results very similar to Bing's. Some search results still vary on Yahoo because they still add their own little touches to the search listings but for the most part, users will be seeing the … [Read more...]

Social Media and Your Company Brand

Recently, there has been much buzz surrounding the Toyota debacle where Toyota car owners are complaining about brake problems and sudden acceleration issues with several of the car manufacturers most popular models like Camry, Tacoma, Tundra and Prius. Even their Lexus brand is involved. As a result, a number of people died in accidents traced to sticky accelerators and … [Read more...]

Researching Keyword Phrase Demographics

According to the Microsoft AdCenter blog, they've updated their Demographic keyword research tool to better find keywords and plan campaigns. For example, knowing what percentage of searchers using a particular keyword phrase will help to determine whether ranking in MSN Live search is worthwhile since the search users in that engine leans towards women. This tool coupled … [Read more...]

How Search Engines Treat the No-Follow Differently

No-follow links are those links which have the HTML attribute of "nofollow" and can be seen simply by right-clicking on a text link and selecting properties. If you are using Firefox, the little window will display several characteristics for the link. One of them is called Relation. If you see a nofollow after it instead of external, the link you just checked is a no-follow … [Read more...]

Keyword Research and Analysis Strategies (Part 2): Competition Analysis

Keyword research, with subscription based tools like Keyword Discovery or WordTracker usually ends up in a massive list of keywords and for some, the list can number in the thousands. Many of the keywords in the list form the "long tail" of search results, a term coined by Chris Anderson. It refers to the collective searches for "low traffic" searches outweighing the searches … [Read more...]