The Death of the Browser Address Bar?

The search term "Yahoo" more popular than "sex" in Google? According to Google Trends, it is. The Daily Domainer analyzes the story behind this strange phenomenon. Browser users have apparently gotten used to typing the name of the domain rather than the full domain name with the .com when trying to access popular sites such as Yahoo, MySpace, Amazon and Ebay. Besides the … [Read more...]

Search Volume for the Major Search Engines

Via Nielsen//NetRatings press release: Top 10 Search Providers for December 2006 (US) Google Search - 3 billion searches - 50.8% share of searches Yahoo! Search - 1.4 billion searches - 23.6% share of searches MSN/Windows Live Search - 499 million searches - 8.4% share of searches AOL Search - 362 million searches - 6.1% share of searches My Way Search - 141 … [Read more...]

Why Should You Bother with Achieving Search Engine Rankings?

The majority of web traffic is driven by four major search engines - Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AskJeeves. Not being found or not being indexed by these search engines puts your business at an incredible disadvantage. People all around the world, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, are searching for information, shopping, and buying. Search is the preferred method of navigating the … [Read more...]

Search An Indicator of Trends

Hitwise released their findings on how future indicators can be predicted with search term volume. By collecting data on specific search terms, they have been able to predict rather accurately the unemployment numbers and in their latest finding, home sales. … [Read more...]

Online Retailer Sales Influenced By Web

In a study "The 2006 State of Retailing Online" conducted by Forrester Research and reported by, 22 percent of offline sales are driven by the internet. From ClickZ: Integration between online and offline activity is key for retailers who report 22 percent of offline sales are influenced by the Web. Retail Web sites are also a viable channel to reach new … [Read more...]