A-List Sites Spamming Search Engines

Robert Medford reveals how A-list company websites are using black-hat SEO techniques to game the SERPs. A surprising list of offending sites are listed with an analysis of their site. Companies like GM, Shop NBC, WebEx, NetJets, and SkyMall are listed among them. A very eye-opening expose which reveals that even the big companies do whatever it takes to out-rank their … [Read more...]

SEO BlackHat Economics

Why are there still spammers in the search results even though search engines continually delist and penalize such sites? Well, to give you some insight into this, get the inside scoop from SEO BlackHat on Why Spam Works. Interestingly, he ripped off the content from Earl Gray's syndyk8.com's article on Interview with a Blackhat SEO. From the profits they can generate, … [Read more...]

302 Redirect Exploit

A 302 redirect is commonly associated with doorway pages (or cloaked pages) where webmasters would create special pages designed for the search engines (which are usually laden with keywords and would rank high in the rankings) while serving up regular pages for visitors. The initial page is the page indexed by the search engine but when the site page is clicked on, it will … [Read more...]

Google Washing?

We're not talking laundry here. In fact, this is a very real and very serious matter for any web entrepreneur. Before we continue, we want to emphasize that we don't practice such techniques nor do we condone them. We simply want to bring this to the attention of the community. We certainly do NOT recommend the use of such techniques. While this situation rarely … [Read more...]

Google Bowling and Search Engine Rankings

We covered Google Bombing in an earlier post and how the method can be extended to influencing your own search engine rankings. Google Bowling, however, is quite different and very real. It is used by unscrupulous online competitors whose sole interest is to sabotage your business by getting it banned or penalized from the search results. Google opened up this … [Read more...]