Live Search Introduces LinkFromDomain Command

Live Search, formally MSN search, introduced a new search command called LinkFromDomain. As the name suggests, you can view all outbound links from a specific domain. For example, a linkfromdomain for this site would look like this. Among other research possibilities, this is a great tool to check reciprocal link partners if you have any to see if they giving you credit … [Read more...]

My Favorite Collection of Search Research Tools

Whois and Reverse IP Lookup: Whois Web Hosting Info - This tool not only allows you to check domain whois, you can also use it to do a reverse IP lookup. All without logging in! Keyword Research: Overture and Google Keyword Suggestion Tool - Combo keyword tool to gives the searcher one-click access to all the popular free keyword research tools in the market. Great … [Read more...]

MSN AdLab Offers Keyword Tools

Still in beta, MSN AdLab offers a wide variety of great keyword tools for advertisers and marketers alike. 11 demos of MSN AdLab tools are currently available in the categories of Paid Search, Contextual Advertising, Behavior Targeting, and Emerging Markets with more coming later. Some of the most useful features include Keyword Mutation Detection (for misspellings), … [Read more...]

Google Ban Checker Tool

Big G already notifies select webmasters of issues that lead to penalization in their search engine through their Sitemaps program. Webmasters using obvious spammy techniques will not be notified under their Sitemap program. In addition to using the Google Sitemaps tool to see if a site's been banned from Big G, there's a free software tool available that runs right from … [Read more...]

Free Rank Checker

I love free tools, especially ones that have a very intuitive interface and are clean. There are many rank checkers out there. If you plan to check rankings of sites regularly like I do, I highly recommend Agent Web Ranking. It lets you run rank checks for multiple projects and for multiple keywords and returns accurate positions. The Website Metrics Reporting Tool … [Read more...]